Food processor with fresh vegetables on kitchen table.
Research report
2 September 2020

Magimix, our Top Brand food processor

Magimix blitzed Top Brand award five years in a row.

“This is the best machine. Extra parts can be bought for it. Very safe.” “Magimix are amazing machines. Buy the best and only once.” “Expensive at the time, but worth the money.”

That’s some of the feedback we received from satisfied Magimix owners in our latest appliance reliability survey. We weren’t surprised. Magimix has been our Top Brand for food processors since 2016. This award recognises brands that perform consistently across testing, reliability and customer satisfaction.

In our latest survey, 84 percent of respondents were very satisfied with their Magimix, in a category where the average was only 74 percent. Magimix also got the highest reliability score – 96 percent of its food processors had never needed repair.

We’ve tested three Magimix food processors and all are excellent performers. They all blitzed our food prep tasks such as slicing carrots, making breadcrumbs, kneading pastry and emulsifying mayo. The Magimix 4200XL and 5200XL also come with a mini-processor attachment for extra versatility.

Food processor or a mini?

A food processor is the master of food prep – especially if you’re often cooking for a crowd. Whether you need to slice, dice, chop, puree or knead, it can do it all. Add a blender attachment and you can crush ice, chop nuts and make smoothies. Check out the 31 models we’ve tested here.

If you usually just do quick prep jobs like chopping herbs and nuts, making pesto or curry paste or emulsifying mayo, a mini food processor might be the ticket. However, minis are less versatile than their full-sized counterparts. They have a smaller capacity (up to a litre), don’t usually have slicing, grating or shredding blades, and can’t knead dough or pastry. We recommend two models in our mini food processor test.

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