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29 October 2014

Manuka honey

Are the health claims of manuka honey pure hype?

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Julia W.
17 Jun 2015

I don't understand why Manuka Honey is so much more expensive than other honeys. Is it because of production costs/meeting standards or is it manufacturers cashing in on the hype surrounding health benefits?

Previous member
18 Jun 2015
re: Pricing

Hi Julia,

Thanks for your comment. Hype around manuka honey has played a part in pushing up the price, both here and overseas. Bulk manuka honey with a high level of methylglyoxal (supposedly the major contributor to manuka honey’s antibacterial activity) fetched up to $60 per kg in 2012/2013. In comparison, manuka honey with no methylglyoxal sold for a maximum of $17 per kg.

Despite the health hype, there’s no hard evidence manuka honey has proven antibacterial benefits when eaten – something that’s worth bearing in mind when you’re comparing a jar of expensive manuka honey with a cheaper brand.

Kind regards,
Luke, Consumer NZ staff

Nancy B.
01 Mar 2015
Manuka Honey

Despite the hype this honey is one I prefer as it seems to be better than plain. I do wonder though, if I am a victim of this hype, as standard honey on toast is okay if a little sweet but Manuka does seem to be a healer for which we have used it as well on toast.The main problem I have is while reading the label some aspects don't feel the whole story and one often wonders on the truth.