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13 February 2018

Member’s warning over Neil Diamond ticket refunds

If you purchased a ticket to Neil Diamond's cancelled Mission Estate winery concert, make sure you've been refunded the full amount.

Are you one of the unlucky punters who purchased a ticket to Neil Diamond's cancelled Mission Estate winery concert? Then check your bank account. You should have received a refund including booking fees and ticket insurance. 

However, be sure to check you’ve been refunded the full amount. Consumer member Maree said Ticketek failed to refund the $47.96 she paid for ticket insurance. Ticketek only provided Maree her full refund after she complained.

On February 1, Mission Estate winery concert management said “Commencing today a full refund will be issued to each customer’s purchasing credit card, or if it is expired or cancelled, you will be contacted for bank transfer details.”

But with 25,000 tickets sold for the concert, there may be those like Maree who haven’t received a full refund, or any refund at all.

If your refund hasn’t arrived, contact Mission Concert on or 0800 162 560. If you’re having problems, contact us at

What about travel and accommodation?

If you’d already booked accommodation and flights for the concert, you’ll have to rely on your travel insurance — check your policy for the cover provided and get in touch with your insurer.

If you don’t have travel insurance, contact your travel and accommodation providers to see what they can do for you. Unfortunately, they’re under no obligation to offer you a refund but some companies might still be willing to help you out.

Here’s more on your rights when booking event tickets.

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