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Recall: Merida bicycles

Recall: Merida S-Presso bicycles


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The problem

The lower steerer tube of the aluminium front fork could break.


These bikes were sold through Merida dealers from 2008-2013.

  • 2008 - S-Presso 500-D
  • 2009 - S-Presso 300-D, 500-D,18
  • 2010 - S-Presso 100-D, 700-D,18
  • 2011 - S-Presso 800-D, 18-D
  • 2012 - S-Presso 100-D, 300-D, I11
  • 2013 - S-Presso 300

This recall also applies to models that received replacement forks in the October 2010 recall.

What to do

Stop riding the bike immediately. Take it to the place of purchase to get the fork replaced at no cost.

If you want more information contact Bikes International: