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Michael Hill care plans

We've had two further complaints from members about Michael Hill Jeweller Professional Care Plans.


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Last month we reported a mis-sold Professional Care Plan (PCP) at a Michael Hill Jeweller store. These plans offer maintenance on your jewellery for a set period of time.

Last month’s story had a happy ending. But since then we've had two further complaints from members about PCPs, each involving a different store (Tauranga and Pakuranga). In both cases our members were unaware of the problem until they saw our article – and they’ve found it more difficult to obtain a refund.

According to our members their experience was much the same as our first complaint: they were offered a special price on the jewellery they wanted to buy, plus a “service plan” (the PCP) that seemed to be free. But when they checked their receipts, they found they’d been charged for the PCP.

The PCP’s terms and conditions state that you can cancel within 30 days of purchase. But our member who bought from the Tauranga store says the manager there told her that even if she did cancel the plan, the price she paid would stay the same. Our member finds this confusing and misleading. So do we. Michael Hill Jeweller maintains it has strict staff training for selling PCPs and that this training is constantly reviewed and staff compliance monitored.

We say

  • Check your receipt carefully if you’ve bought jewellery recently from a Michael Hill Jeweller store – especially if you were told about a “free” service plan (PCP).
  • If you’ve paid for a PCP you don't want, contact the store immediately and ask for a refund.
  • Michael Hill Jeweller needs to step up its monitoring of its stores, to make sure they’re selling its PCPs properly.

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