14 September 2021

Mobile and internet satisfaction survey 2021

Who do you have to call around here for decent internet and mobile services?

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Terry W.
19 Sep 2021
Vodafone is a telco that you can't actually ring!

After recent outages this year from Vodafone (including a large Nationwide mobile data outage) with no communication or explanation, being forced from VDSL (not great but a least consistent performance) to Wi-Fi broadband, then back to VDSL because of the terrible performance (in a small town with the cell tower in line of sight of the router - go figure) then Vodafone saying, "oh, you didn't need to change" we have given up and are in the process of kicking them out of our home.

Finally fibre has come to our town and we are going to go to a provider we can actually contact and not sit for over an hour in automated voice messaging hell.

When I called the provider we are looking at, the phone rang 6 times and then a person...a real live PERSON answered - they were friendly, helpful and sounded like they worked at a job they might even like!

The large Telco's need to remember that they have actual live people as customers who cannot wait over an hour on the phone when things go wrong.

Also how is it, in practical terms, major telecommunications companies can not be realistically contacted?
Only after hours of ringing, the calls being dropped after 25 minutes mysteriously off their queue, ring, go around and around in circles to only get someone who basically takes a message and cannot help you.
It's in the name of what they do (or I suppose don't).

At least with a major outage they could put a message on their phones acknowledging there is a problem they are working on ...
But what would I know with only a couple of decades of working in ICT support roles ...

Debbie B.
06 Oct 2021
Vodafone - cheap and fast, until it's not

We have been on what is now Vodafone cable since it came to our street about 20 years ago. Product is generally excellent, and about $30 per month cheaper than any fibre plan that goes faster than 100 Mbs. Customer servitude (instead of service) is a problem. Rather than phone, an email to gets results. We will hang in there.

18 Sep 2021
What's in a name

I wonder how many people who take part in surveys like this realise that the Skinny is part of Spark.

Kas S.
18 Sep 2021
Wireless Nation

I'd been with Spark for too many years and ended up with their Rural Wireless Broadband which was okay some days and not so others even though I had direct line of sight to the cell phone towers. My problem was they decided to put townies (no offence) onto Wireless Broadband and when public and school holidays arrived, I'd be bumped off as they were closer to the towers. Then when I went to move found no one could provide me at all because I ended up living in a Valley. I can get 2Degrees mobile data and text not a problem. Have to stand in a corner to make a phone call but that's great as then my work can't get a hold of me either (lol). Wireless Nation were the only ones who came to the rescue and although not as fast as my old Spark Rural Wireless Broadband (when it was working) I can still download my emails, surf the net, and watch programmes on TVNZ onDemand with no problems at all. Thank you WN.

Barry J.
18 Sep 2021

After kicking that arrogant Voda phone no service into touch , am now using Worldnet for phone & broadband. Cannot rate them highly enough. !
And, the price is excellent as well. Contact is just an easy phone call away and you dont have to wait hours to be answered.

Andrew H.
18 Sep 2021
C- Report ; please try again

This is a lightweight report with no background or depth to it.
There are a range of actual network providers and a wider range of white box labelling "providers" going on. Especially with power companies offering deals.
You also need to explain the support that actually happens, ie the person who will turn up will highly likely be from Chorus.
You also don't cover speeds/reliability/cost.
Please try again.

Denis S.
18 Sep 2021
Mobile phone providers

We have been using now for two years and very happy with Kogan provider's costs and service. Aust based Dick Smith company servicing NZ. -- Denis and Joan

John M.
18 Sep 2021
Dissatisfactsentanceion plus with mobile and telephone services

We live rurally and have no choice but to have a so called landline because we have no mobile coverage where we live. So called landline because Chorus has removed us from the old copper net work that actually worked. This has been replaced by a wifi landline. Wifi needs power and wifi needs service and we have intermittent wifi which cuts off all the time and so cuts off any phone call mid sentence and the internet cuts off too . We have recently had a 4 day outage -no explanation or apology and we had no internet no wifi so no telephone and as we have no mobile coverage we had no contact with the outside world unless we get in the car. This is a dangerous situation as accidents do happen and health emergencies depend on being abele to make contact with the outside world.
The old copper net work worked when the power was off and occasionally our telephone would go out when some one accidentally cut into the copper with a ditch digger or some other accidental outage but apart from that we could depend on having a phone we could pick up to get help. Also unlike recently when it took 4 days to restore our communication in the past they would fix any outage within 12 hours as there was the recognition that people need that method of communication . No longer can we have any confidence in the networks. The Government had an RBI 2 plan but it hasn't delivered anything to us to assist and the removal of the copper network is a further downgrade. Some rural people like us are completely ignored and forgotten by the govt and the telcos who are much more invested in getting faster and better bb to the urban people. We are the productive sector but are the completely digitally and communicatively disadvantaged sector.

18 Sep 2021


B A S.
18 Sep 2021

I have found 'My Spark' helpline easy to get to if you tell the robot you want to speak to a real person. I have fibre and a dedicated landline and even though their maintenance has now ceased for the landline they compensated me a years outlay.

Jan Behrens
18 Sep 2021
Where is Contact Energy?

You’ve completely omitted the fastest growing broadband provider this year; Contact Energy. Why is that?

Sandie H.
18 Sep 2021
Internet provider and satisfaction ratings

These surveys have regularly included Inspire and Actrix (now Voyager) and they often held the # 1 & # 2 spots but neither have featured in this latest survey ? We were Actrix customers for many years but were incentivized to migrate to Voyager - big mistake - their service has fallen away big time and their broadband is often slow.

Barbara L.
18 Sep 2021
NOW best provider

We moved from Spark after 40 years. Unable to talk to them only live chat and an extra $20 a month to our monthly landline cost to support their uptake of the rugby world cup. We are now excuse the pun with NOW who are available for a phone call anytime and you can walk in and get support. The big Telcos need to up their game.

Allan S.
18 Sep 2021
2 Degrees Broadband Tell em the're dreamin

You have to be joking. 2 degrees must be among the worst of the bunch when things don't go according to plan. Then you can wait on the phone for half an hour or more to talk to someone. Then they tell you it's your fault.

16 Sep 2021

At the time of the survey I had internet and home phone with Vodafone. I had been with them well over a decade. While I didn’t have many technical issues with their services, their customer care/service, and support channels are just APPALLING.

This year when my 12 month contract ended in August, they simply increased my bill. No discussion, they just did I it. That’s the second year in a row.

So I moved to Sky Broadband. Connecting to Sky was a breeze. The same cost I had previously been paying BF, but faster data speeds). Disconnecting from VF was typically painful because again, their people are hard to get hold off, inconsistent with their advice, and inefficient (they still haven’t done everything they said they would). Of course they tried to retain the account via various inducements, but I’d been through that process one time too many…

It’s true they are currently operating under COVID restrictions……but so are Sky.

Vodafone really needs to up its act.