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3 July 2014

More freedom for tech users

There were 2 big announcements today that mean more freedom for technology users.

There were 2 big announcements today that mean more freedom for technology users.

First off, Slingshot has opened up its Global Mode plan to all New Zealanders. Global Mode uses a smart DNS system like Unblock-US and other services to give New Zealanders access to websites that might otherwise suffer from geoblocks.

Geoblocks are restrictions to stop you accessing content based solely on your geographic location. In New Zealand it is perfectly legal to get around geoblocks: the best example of this is multi-zone DVD players.

The Global Mode service was originally advertised for ex-pats trying to access content in their home countries. Slingshot have now dropped that idea and opened it up to all New Zealanders so they can gain access to the BBC, Netflix and other overseas content currently unavailable here because of these restrictions.

In the second piece of good news for tech users, Air New Zealand has announced that from 16 July passengers will be able to use their electronic devices (in flight mode) from gate to gate.

This means you can read your e-books, play games on your phones or tablets, and generally relax more, for the entire flight.

Initially this option will be available to customers travelling on domestic and international services operated by Airbus A320 and Boeing 787-9, 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft. If Air New Zealand can get regulatory approval, it plans to extend it to Air New Zealand’s regional turbo prop and Boeing 767-300 fleets.

This move has been a long time coming and gives passengers more entertainment choices while flying on Air New Zealand.

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