We’ve had a fantastic response to our Sneaky Fees campaign. We launched the campaign last month to get retailers to come clean on price and stop adding extra charges to the advertised cost of goods and services.

These sneaky fees hide under various names — “booking fees”, “service fees” — and are increasingly common when you’re buying online.

Rikki-Leigh Joyce got in touch about tickets she’d bought to a music festival through Ticketspace. She was charged a $7.25 service fee on each ticket.

Another member singled out holiday rental site Bachcare. The site charges a $30 service fee but it’s not shown next to the price of the rental.

We’ve had more than 500 complaints from consumers stung by the same type of fees when they’ve been booking accommodation or buying tickets online.

Help us get rid of these sneaky fees. If you haven't already done so, sign our online petition to get the law changed.