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24 September 2015

MPI issues coconut milk warning

Dairy products not listed in ingredients.

People with dairy allergies and intolerances are being warned to avoid four brands of imported coconut milk.

The coconut milk drinks may contain dairy but it’s not declared on the labels. Under our food legislation, products that contain milk or milk products must state so on the label.

Orthodox Coconut Palm, Greentime, Coco Joy and V Fresh coconut drinks.

Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI) chief executive Martyn Dunne issued a privileged statement, under the Food Act, warning people with milk allergies to not drink the recalled drinks, which are:

  • Greentime brand Coconut Milk Drink, sold in a 500ml can.
  • Coco Joy brand Pure Coconut Milk Drink (Banana, Chocolate and Coffee Flavours), sold in a 500ml plastic bottle.
  • V Fresh brand Coconut Milk Drink, sold in a 240ml can.
  • Orthodox Coconut Palm brand Coconut Palm Coconut Juice, sold in a 245ml can, 245ml Tetra-pak or 1000ml Tetra-pak.

The drinks have been stocked in dairies, ethnic food stores and sports stores.

More coconut milk brands are being tested, which could see more products recalled.

There have been two severe anaphylactic reactions associated with the coconut milk drinks in Australia but none yet in New Zealand.

MPI is working with importers to stop the sale of the products affected until they are correctly labelled.

If you have any concerns about these products, call MPI’s consumer helpline on 0800 693 721.

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