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Netflix announces launch date

UPDATE: Netflix has announced today (23 Mar 2015) that its monthly subscription fee will start at $9.99.


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Netflix has announced it will be launching on March 24, but the cost of watching it is still to be revealed.

However, a partnership with Vodafone will see the telco's customers who sign up to Red+ mobile plans for 24 months get free access to Netflix for 6 months. Vodafone's home broadband packages are still tied to Sky TV’s Neon service.

While the Vodafone plan is for your mobile, Netflix will also be available through smart TVs, game consoles and many other devices.

Consumer strongly recommends you do not stream Netflix content over a mobile network. As Neil Hunt from Netflix told us, a good quality stream will use up roughly 750MB per hour, and you don’t want that on your mobile bill.

Vodafone's promotional offer is available to new customers and existing customers out of contract or on an open term, until June 30. For a limited time, if you purchase a new Xbox One you’ll also receive three months' free Netflix.

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