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19 November 2014

Netflix coming to NZ in March

Consumer gets lowdown from company.

The streaming video giant Netflix has announced it will be entering the New Zealand market in March of 2015.

Kiwis will be able to subscribe to Netflix and instantly watch a curated selection of popular movies and TV shows in high-definition or 4K when available.

The company is being tight-lipped about content and price at the moment, not even commenting about popular Netflix shows like House of Cards. But they did say they have been approaching rights holders in New Zealand and Australia.

Obviously there are existing licensing agreements in place here for content that Netflix delivers to its US customers, so there will be some difference in what New Zealanders can access.

Netflix media spokesperson Cliff Edwards said they were not concerned about entering a crowded marketplace.

“Every market we’ve entered has had competition in it, so we’re not worried about this,” he said.

Mr Edwards also confirmed the Netflix apps for tablets, phones and media devices will work in New Zealand when the service launches.

Opening the app currently gives you the message that the service is unavailable in your country and to add your email address for updates. In March next year this will instead launch the full app.

When asked about current Netflix subscribers from New Zealand, Mr Edwards said Netflix “is aware of the rumours of Australian and New Zealand subscribers but is sure the numbers are inflated”.

Mr Edwards said the possibility of closed captioning for the hearing-impaired would be discussed.

“We have subtitles in all our other countries. We will discuss Australia and New Zealand at a later date," he said.

by Hadyn Green

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