12 October 2021

New law will make ignoring “Do Not Knock” stickers illegal

Door-to-door traders that ignore the stickers will face fines of up to $30,000.

Door-to-door traders that ignore a “Do Not Knock” sticker will face fines of up to $30,000 under recent Fair Trading Act changes.

The changes will come into effect on 16 August 2022. From that date, any seller that ignores a sticker, or other written or verbal direction not to enter your property, will face a fine.

In addition to fining traders, the courts will be able to make other orders, including cancelling a sales agreement and requiring the door-to-door seller to pay compensation to the consumer.

We’ve been calling for these law changes since launching our Do Not Knock campaign in 2014.

Get a “Do Not Knock” sticker

If you don’t want door-to-door sellers calling, you can get a Do Not Knock sticker here.

What if my sticker is ignored?

If a door-to-door trader ignores your sticker, let us know: From 16 August 2022, you can also make a complaint about the trader to the Commerce Commission.

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Bruce H.
17 Oct 2021
Doesn't apply to religious groups?

The door to our front deck was open (it was summer); a couple saw me inside and just walked straight in without knocking and started talking. Had to be quite blunt to make them leave. I don't know what denomination.

Wal Marshall
17 Oct 2021
They work but perhaps could be better worded

Ive had one of these on our front door for 3 years and they work. However some personal visitors have also been turned away. I have added an extra sticker saying "Sales People" to the the top (so it all reads Sales People Do Not Knock) to clarify that we are not wanting to turn away our normal visitors.

Shar M.
16 Oct 2021
I just noticed...

I just noticed (after reading this article) that the door knockers have pretty much stopped, since I placed my sticker, a couple years back.


Bruce C.
16 Oct 2021
no door knockers for some time

we have not had any door knockers for a while either. Maybe Covid put an end to it? Or maybe they realised it did not work any more..

B A S.
16 Oct 2021
Haven't had a door knocker since 2020

but what about debt collectors and such?

Sam K.
16 Oct 2021
Debt collector person

If you were honest enough to pay bills you wouldn't have these people turn up on your door step...

16 Oct 2021
Will it stop the people selling religon?

Like the Jehovah Witnesses?

Geoffrey R.
16 Oct 2021
Never been sold religion

I don't know who you've been talking to, but Jehovah's Witnesses don't sell religion. They only talk about the Bible for free to those who want to listen. Don't mislead people.

Jeremy S.
17 Oct 2021
Yes, religious door knockers are definitely selling something!

It's delusional to think otherwise! Just because it's a charity or a church, doesn't mean they're not 'selling' something. Sometimes these people are the worst, because of the "we're not selling anything" assumption.

I'd also like to know if they are covered by this law - and if not, why not?