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New rules for charity muggers

Paid fundraisers collecting for charity – aka charity muggers or chuggers – may soon be required to disclose details about what they earn.


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These fundraisers are a regular sight in city centres, waylaying passers-by in the hope of signing up a new donor. Many work on contract to fundraising companies. They're normally paid by the hour but can also earn extra if they have a good "success rate".

Recent amendments to the Fair Trading Act provide for regulations requiring chuggers to disclose how they’re paid. However, the regulations have yet to be drafted and Minister of Consumer Affairs Simon Bridges has indicated they may not be in place until mid-next year.

It's expected the regulations may be similar to those in the UK: charity muggers there have to disclose the financial benefits they receive from donations. We've been calling for similar rules here – Kiwis are entitled to know how much of their donation goes into paying the person who solicits it.