Animation puts fun in credit lesson

A new series aims to raise awareness of consumer rights.

Campaigns and rights hero

Fiscally irresponsible Herman and his wise aunty are the stars of a new animated series aiming to raise awareness of consumer rights.

The It’s All Good series, launched by the Commerce Commission, has started with a focus on borrowers’ rights. Herman wants to take out a loan to buy a 4K TV to watch the rugby, something his aunty disapproves of because of the total cost once interest and fees are factored in.

Commissioner Anna Rawlings said the series would communicate serious messages in an entertaining way.

“We also plan to tackle other issues, such as product safety and fair trading, introducing other characters into this world as it develops over the next year,” Ms Rawlings said.

Last week, mobile trader Flexi buy was fined $50,000 and had to pay $3408 in damages for not adequately disclosing some key information about credit contracts, such as the frequency and amount of payments. The Commerce Commission currently has three other cases involving mobile traders before the courts and investigations into four others are ongoing.

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