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16 February 2016

Duvet sellers in court over claims

Commerce Commission brings charges.

The Commerce Commission has brought charges against two businesses and four people for allegedly claiming duvets they sold contained alpaca wool.

Princess Wool Co Ltd, Koo Yoarn Lee and Kevin Stocker entered not guilty pleas in Auckland District Court today. The commission alleges Princess Wool sold duvets as containing alpaca and cashmere wool when they did not.

Nangong Ltd, Yun Qiang Hou and Caicai Hou were remanded without plea until March 8. Their charges also relate to claims their duvets contained alpaca wool. The commission alleges Nangong’s duvets contain no alpaca wool.

Princess Wool and Nangong sell to Auckland retailers or wholesalers that mainly cater to the Asian tourist market. They also have an Auckland outlet where they sell to Chinese and Korean tour groups.

The commission has previously prosecuted eight companies and seven individuals for selling Asian tourists imported alpaca rugs as “Made in New Zealand”, and claiming duvets were predominantly alpaca or merino wool when they were not. Fines totalled more than $1 million.

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