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15 March 2016

LG & Apple phones win Consumer NZ award

See what makes them better than the other brands.

Apple and LG are winners of the 2016 Consumer NZ Top Brand awards for mobile phones.

Top Brand winners are identified by measuring brands across three variables: Consumer test results; customer satisfaction; and reliability. Satisfaction and reliability are measured through Consumer NZ member surveys. 6300 members participated.

Ninety-four percent of Apple and 87 percent of LG owners said they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their mobile phone.

Consumer Technology writer Hadyn Green said every new iteration of the iPhone scored well and they were always recommended. While Apple did not score the highest in reliability, users gave them the highest satisfaction rating.

Consumer NZ compared all phones regardless of price, but also compared mobile phones that retailed for less than $500. LG performed particularly well in the lower cost phones. Hadyn Green said LG took the edge on other manufacturers. It had the highest reliability for phones costing less than $500 and still had good performance.

Consumer NZ general manager business Derek Bonnar said not everyone can afford an expensive phone so it was good to see some good performers at a lower price.

Winning brands can license use of Consumer NZ awards for marketing and promotions. All revenue raised from the endorsement programme goes back to research and testing, the awards initiatives, and to working on behalf of consumers.

Top Brand launched last year and has been awarded across eight categories.

“2015 research showed more than 90 percent of Kiwis recognise the Consumer NZ brand. When asked to compare five organisations that provide independent ratings, 75 percent of respondents identified Consumer NZ as the organisation they trusted the most,” Mr Bonnar said.

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