Recall: Two cots from Baby City

The cots may have potential safety and compliance issues.

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The problem

Baby City is recalling the Milano Phoenix (model 728025) and Baby Max/Milano Sleigh (model 727807) cots. The cots pose a potential snag hazard, could crack around the mattress base support and may have incomplete signage and instructions.


Milano Phoenix cot

The cots were sold at Baby City stores from March 2012 to October 2015. Recent independent testing has highlighted some potential safety and compliance issues with these cots.

The issues identified are:

  • a potential snag hazard – some cots have a “V” shaped gap between the drop side and rail at each end that could catch
  • cracking of the frame around the mattress base supports
  • incomplete signage and instructions.

What to do

Baby Max/Milano Sleigh cot

If you have one of these cots contact Baby City for the remedy options available and more information on the hazards.

Phone: 0800 282 2582

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