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17 June 2016

Consumer power forces change

Reviews by our members alert manufacturer of error.

Poor reviews by Consumer members of a dishwasher tablet sent the manufacturer back to the drawing board.

One of our recommended dishwasher tablets, Active Rapid Lime with Baking Soda, was repeatedly getting bad reviews from our members, despite them doing well in our test. We were impressed by their performance – they scored 76 percent. But some of our members said the tablets left a white residue on plastic containers and a scum-like build-up on their dishwasher, which wasn’t apparent in our performance test.

We approached the manufacturer, Quantum Pacific Ltd, about the complaints and it discovered an intermittent issue occurring in the production process was causing too much of an ingredient to be added to the tablets. This issue has potentially also affected other Active tablets.

The ingredient is non-toxic and any residue should easily rinse off your dishes. To clean your dishwasher Quantum Pacific recommends adding one cap of rinse aid directly into an empty machine or in the detergent dispenser. Alternatively, running the dishwasher on at least two empty hot cycles, or using a dishwasher cleaner will also clear the machine of residue.

Quantum Pacific was appreciative of the feedback: “We are very grateful for this feedback and have immediately made the necessary changes. We are also contacting those affected consumers to thank them for their feedback and reassuring them that Quantum Pacific is dedicated to providing the consumer the utmost in terms of quality.”

This shows the power our members have. If it wasn’t for their feedback, we wouldn’t have been aware of the defective batches and brought the problem to the company’s attention.

Quantum Pacific has offered to replace the packs of anyone affected. Contact the company at [email protected] or call 0800 003 850 for more information.

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