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2 August 2016

Unit prices can save shoppers 13 percent

Study finds knowledge of unit prices pays at the till.

Shoppers could slash more than 10 percent off their grocery bill by checking the unit price before they buy, a new study finds.

Unit prices show the cost of an item per 100g. They make it easier to compare different pack sizes to see which is better value: you can tell whether a bigger and more expensive box of cereal is better buying than a smaller one.

A study by Queensland University of Technology researchers found when shoppers knew how to use unit prices, they could regularly save 13 percent on their grocery bill.

Co-author Dr Gary Mortimer said the study tracked 400 shoppers over 25 weeks. Some shoppers were given information about unit pricing while others weren’t. The group that received regular information made the biggest savings.

Both big supermarket chains here have voluntarily introduced unit prices. But they’re often shown in small print and not displayed on all products. We’ve called on the stores to make unit prices easier to read so consumers don’t miss out on the benefits.

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