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12 May 2016

Unsafe Thermomix products reported

87 cases reported, 45 in which a person was harmed.

Complaints from unhappy consumers about faulty Thermomix products have prompted Australian watchdog Choice to submit a mass incident report to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The report contains 87 cases about problems with a Thermomix product. In 45 cases a person reported being harmed. Eighteen reported receiving treatment from a doctor or nurse as a result of the injury and eight were hospitalised, some in a specialist burns unit.

In October 2014, we reported on a Thermomix TM31 recall. The sealing ring of the mixing bowl didn’t function properly and when used at high speeds the lid could unexpectedly pop open. If the mixing bowl contained hot liquids this could result in burns. Thermomix replaced the faulty seals but the Choice report contains 18 cases where people were injured using products with the new seal.

Consumer NZ shares Choice’s concerns that some Thermomix products (in particular the TM31) are potentially unsafe to operate, especially with hot liquids. We’d like to hear if any New Zealand consumers have been injured using their Thermomix and what the company did to rectify the problem. Email belinda@consumer.org.nz.

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