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5 October 2016

“Bad Taste” food awards launched

It’s time bad taste claims were called out.

Do the claims food marketers use to pass off products as “healthier” choices leave a bad taste in your mouth? Now’s your chance to call them out on their claims.

We’re inviting nominations for our inaugural “Bad Taste” food marketing awards.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin says the focus of the awards is on claims food companies use to make products look like better choices.

“We’re inviting consumers to nominate products they think are the worst offenders — whether it’s a high-sugar cereal promoted as a healthier choice, a snack bar boasting its super-fruit content when there’s hardly any fruit in it or a box of crackers claiming to be fat-free when they’re full of salt.”

Ms Chetwin says marketing of food products must comply with the Fair Trading Act and the Food Act. “This means companies can’t mislead consumers or create a false impression about the goods they sell. But food marketers continually push the boundaries and it’s time their bad taste claims were called out.”

Nominations can be made online or by emailing foodawards@consumer.org.nz.

Nominations close Monday, 24 October 2016.

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