Person hanging up landline phone
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27 August 2018

Dealing with nuisance calls

Plagued by sales reps calling at dinner time? Letter box groaning with requests for donations? It’s time to call out nuisance callers.

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Jenny W.
15 Sep 2018
Unsolicited calls

I have no problem with these - if I'm feeling polite I just say "go away" and put the phone down immediately. If I'm not feeling polite I tell them to bleep off and put the phone down. With unsolicited calls at the front door I just say (firmly) "I'm not interested" and close the door. Two tips: Do Not Engage with these people, they are not your friends, do not allow them to start their speil. I have a security door on my front door which means I still have a barrier between them and me and I do not open the security door to speak to them. Simple!

David T.
01 Sep 2018
Nuisance calls

some later model Panasonic cordless phones have a block caller facility, it needs caller ID enabled
works well on repeat caller numbers