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Online passport renewals

Since November last year you've been able to renew your passport online.


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This saves you time – and $10 (the online renewal fee is $124.50 instead of $134.50).

To renew online, you need:

  • A photograph saved as a JPG that meets passport requirements (for example, neutral facial expression and facial features that aren’t obscured).
  • Passport details of an "identity referee" (someone who knows that you’re really you) plus their daytime contact numbers.
  • An "igovt logon" (this is a username and password that lets you access online government services – if you don’t already have an igovt logon, the online passport-renewal process prompts you to create one).
  • A credit card – you can't pay by eftpos or direct debit.

However, whether you apply online or in person it still takes up to 10 working days to get your passport. And passports needed urgently or for children can't be done online – they’re still processed the old-fashioned way.

Courier fees continue to apply for delivering passports to an overseas address (and they'll vary depending on where the passport needs to be sent).

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