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Online trader caught selling second-hand goods as new

An online electronics retailer that we warned consumers not to trade with has admitted misleading Aussie shoppers by selling second-hand goods as new and misleading consumers about their rights.


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BecexTech ( and claims to offer the “best value” electronic goods, and promises you can shop with confidence. But the company has attracted numerous complaints here and in Australia about faulty goods and telling customers it wasn’t bound by consumer law.

The company’s website also pre-selected extra items and added them to customers’ carts.

After an investigation by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), the company has owned up to breaching consumer law. It’s undertaken to refund Aussie shoppers who were either misled into buying refurbished goods or given wrong information about their legal rights to a refund for faulty products.

Company director Santo Ludy has also committed to resolving complaints in New Zealand.

BecexTech’s Kiwi website operates in substantially the same way as its Australian site. Complaints we’ve received mirror those reported by the ACCC.

We issued a warning in April 2017 advising consumers not to do business with the trader. The Commerce Commission confirmed it was investigating the company.

What to do if you're affected

If you’ve been left out of pocket by BecexTech, lodge a complaint with the commission at or phone 0800 943 600.

Two other electronics retailers, Catchdeal and Techrific, have also been caught selling refurbished goods as new. Their owner, TCF Global, has entered into court-enforceable undertakings with the ACCC to refund affected customers. If you’ve traded with these companies and think you’ve been misled, contact them and request a refund: or

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