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We tested two outdoor pizza ovens and one pizza oven box.

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Not everyone has the DIY skills to build an outdoor wood-fired pizza oven, so what could be easier than a gas pizza oven, or a pizza box that sits on top of your barbie. We tested two outdoor pizza ovens and one pizza oven box to find out if you can create a slice of Italy in your backyard.

Our test

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Models Price Overall score Cooking performance (/10) Pizza (/10) Roast chicken (/10) Ease of use (/10) BBQ dimensions (HxWxD) Pizza stone dimensions (WxD) Thermometer
Bakerstone Pizza Oven Box $219 79% 9.0 9.0 na 6.7 15cm x 58cm x 42cm 38cm x 39cm No
Gasmate PO110 $849 72% 8.5 9.0 8.0 5.8 72cm x 58cm x 63cm 36cm x 38cm Yes
Jumbuck Outdoor Oven Gas HS-PZ001 $385 70% 8.3 8.0 8.5 5.8 72cm x 58cm x 59cm 36cm x 38cm Yes

Need a barbecue?

Need a barbecue?

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Need a barbecue?

Whether you're after a large hooded patio-style model or a smaller portable model, you can use our database to find the one for you.

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Note: Since our test, Gasmate replaced the PO110 (and P0106) with the similar GM160-014 ($859), which comes with a trolley as standard. The Gasmate PO106/110 remains in stock at some retailers. The Jumbuck is exclusive to Bunnings.

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