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Reviewed on 18 August 2021

Power saving tips while on lockdown

Our tips to help you reduce your power use during the Covid-19 lockdown.

There are a few simple things you can do to reduce power costs. Here are our tips to help you save money on your power bill during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Check your electricity plan

What plan are you on? Check your latest bill to see how much power you’re using before looking at Powerswitch to see if you can be saving money.

Set the thermostat to the right temp

You should be plenty warm with the thermostat on your heater set to 18-20°C. Anything over that is a tad too much and you’ll be paying for the pleasure of making your place feel like the tropics.


You won't need to run a dehumidifier as often if you open the windows. Staying at home means you can fling the windows and doors wide open to take advantage of the free ventilation provided by the wind.

Turn off unused appliances

Check the kids’ rooms to see if they’ve left any rogue heaters running. Same goes for anything plugged into the wall you aren’t using. They’ll use a small amount of power while waiting on standby, add all these devices together and the costs can add up.

Open your curtains

Maximise the solar gains throughout the day by keeping your curtains open. However, now it’s getting darker an hour earlier, be sure to whip them shut when evening sets in to retain the heat.

Dress warm

Don’t sit around in a shorts and T-shirt because you’re at home. Cover up and put on a pair of slippers. You won't feel the chill as much or need to switch on the heating.

Give your heat pump filters a clean

Vacuum your heat pump filters to make them work a whole lot better. If you haven’t tackled this task since last winter, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in their performance.

Break out the slow cooker

Not only can you cook cheaper, tastier cuts of meat, a slow cooker costs peanuts to run. It’ll probably only cost you 50¢ in power to make a dinner that’ll feed the whole family. Also, the prep can be completed either the night before, or in the morning before moseying into your lounge office.

Use the clothesline

Dry your clothes for free outside – there’s no fear you’ll be at work if rain breaks out since you can dash outside if it does. Even if you can’t dry your washing completely now the days are shorter, hanging it outside to remove some of the moisture will save a few dollars as you won’t need to run your dryer for as long.

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