Prezzy Card in wallet
6 December 2017

Prezzy Card replaces expired $2500 card

It wouldn't budge on its 12-month expiry so we intervened.

After 15 years with his employer, Murray Hodson was rewarded with a Prezzy Card loaded with a generous $2700. Murray was chuffed with his gift, until he jumped online to check his balance and discovered the card had expired with nearly $2500 of credit on it.

He wrote to Prezzy Card to explain he’d received the card about a year earlier as a reward for long service. Prezzy Card replied with its standard response, confirming the card had expired and that was that.

Murray was disappointed to have lost $2457.20, so asked his employer to contact Prezzy Card to see if it could do anything. Again, no joy so Murray got in touch with us after reading about our efforts to get Prezzy Card to drop its mean 12-month expiry date.

We contacted Kiwibank, which issues Prezzy Cards, asking it to provide a replacement card for Murray. We’re pleased to report Kiwibank came to the party and has given Murray a replacement card loaded with the unspent balance. Murray is delighted he’s got the money in the bag.

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