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30 August 2016

A quiz for our Facebook followers

Over the past few weeks we’ve been providing information on your consumer rights with our Tip Tuesday series on Facebook. Here’s a little quiz to see if you now know what to do if you need to assert your rights. Head back to our Facebook page and let us know your answers to be in to win all our magazines from this year.

1. A product you’ve bought is faulty and the shop you bought it from says you need to contact the manufacturer. What should you do?
A. Google the manufacturer’s contact details and give it a call or email about the problem.
B. Tell the retailer it's the ones that has to sort it out.
C. Pay to get it fixed yourself.

2. You bought some mugs from an online store that operates in New Zealand. When they arrive, one of them is broken. What should you do?
A. Contact the store and get it to send you a new one.
B. Accept that you shouldn’t have expected fragile goods to be delivered in one piece and just live with a set of 3 mugs.
C. Give the courier company a call and make them contact the retailer so you get a new mug.

3. You paid more than $1000 for your mobile phone just over two years ago but now it won’t even turn on. You take it back to the store but it tells you your two-year warranty has expired. What should you do?
A. Buy a new phone – maybe a different brand this time.
B. Kick yourself for not buying the extended warranty and vow to do so next time.
C. Remind the store about the Consumers Guarantees Act.

4. You bought a blender but after a few months the blade has broken. You’d take it back but you’ve lost the receipt. What should you do?
A. Take it back anyway and use your credit card statement as proof of purchase.
B. Resign yourself to the fact you’re stuck with it.
C. Take it to a repairer – it’s your only option.

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