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Recall: Hot water bottles


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The problem

While safe and compliant, some hot water bottles were sold without the required warning information. Consumers could suffer burns if they are unaware of the risks posed by hot water and using hot water bottles.


Snazzee hot water bottle
Snazzee hot water bottle

Snazzee hot water bottles were sold at selected Pak’nSave, New World and Mitre 10 stores, as well as independent stores in May and June 2017.

Standard 2L hot water bottles were sold in green, blue, red, purple and pink from New World and Pak’nSave from March to June 2017.

What to do

Standard 2L hot water bottle
Standard 2L hot water bottle

If you have purchased a hot water bottle without a warning statement, you can pick one up from a store manager or access relevant advice from the ConsumerProtection website.

For more information, contact the suppliers below:

Snazzee hot water bottle
Seymour Distributing Ltd: email or call 0800 22 55 88

Standard hot water bottle

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