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Recall: Aqua Lung Yoke ACD diving regulators


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The problem

Aqua Lung has recalled its Yoke Auto-Closure Device (ACD) diving regulators. The shutter valve in the ACD assembly may not be tightened to the recommended torque setting. The shutter valve may work loose from the yoke retainer while trying to remove the first stage from a cylinder. When the shutter valve is unscrewed enough it can disrupt the supply of breathing gas. This could result in severe injury or death.


Affected Aqua Lung Regulators can be identified by the following:

  • A serial number lower than H043301
  • Yoke only with the ACD feature that have not had an annual or other service.

This includes:

  • Legend ACD
  • Core ACD
  • Titan LX ACD

What to do

Stop using your ACD Regulator and take it in to the nearest authorised Aqua Lung retailer or dive centre to confirm it is in good working order.

If your regulator has had an annual or other service from an authorised technician, the ACD assembly would have received a service and be torqued to the correct specifications as per the service manual.

For more information, contact Aqua Lung by emailing

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