Recall: Ashton guitar amplifier

Faulty wiring could cause the amplifier’s primary fuse to blow.

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The problem

MusicWorks has recalled its Ashton GPA10 guitar amplifier. Faulty wiring could cause the primary fuse to blow and there is a chance of an electric shock if the amplifier has been modified. The amplifier will need to be checked by an electrical technician.


Ashton GPA10 guitar amplifiers were sold either individually or in a SPAG232 Ashton Pack. GA10 amplifier models supplied with the SPAG232 Pack are not affected.

What to do
16jul ashton gpa10 guitar amplifier

Return the amplifier to your nearest MusicWorks dealer to have it checked. If it is affected, it will be replaced free of charge with a revised GPA10 amplifier.

For more information, contact MusicWorks on 0800 806 8742.

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