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Recall: Avalanche airbag canisters


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The problem

Grey steel canisters filled on or before 2 December 2014 may have been contaminated during the filling process. The contamination could block the system during activation and cause the airbag not to inflate or contaminate the airbag system and cause problems with inflation in the future.


The recall is for canisters with a fill date of 2 December 2014 or earlier, supplied separately and with ABS systems and ABS Inside partner systems. Carbon and yellow steel canisters are not affected.

What to do

  • Do not activate your airbag. Contact Brandex to arrange for a free replacement cylinder. If you have activated your airbag with an affected canister contact Brandex to arrange for it to be inspected.
  • Contact details: Brandex Adventure Sports, phone 03 381 2190, email or visit

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