Recall: Bean curd products

Te Chang & Xin-Peng-Lai snacks may contain Dimethyl Yellow.

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The problem

T-Mark Corporation Limited have issued a recall of some Te Chang and Xin-Peng-Lai been curd products. The snacks may contain Dimethyl Yellow, which is not allowed to be sold in New Zealand foods.

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The following products are being recalled:

  • Te Chang Foods Bean Curd Cubes BBQ Flavour (110g/bag)
  • Te Chang Foods Bean Curd Spicy Flavour (85g/bag and 300g/bag)
  • Te Chang Foods Bean Curd Spicy Chilli Flavour (85g/bag)
  • Xin-Peng-Lai Foods JiangJi Chilli Bean Curd with Sesame Oil (180g/jar and 340g/jar)

The products are sold in plastic bags or glass jars by dairies, green grocers and Asian supermarkets around New Zealand.

What to do

Customers should return the product to their retailer for a full refund or phone 09 573 0808 with any queries.

Anyone concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

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