Recall: Bicycle quick-release cam lever

Front-wheel quick-release cam levers on some bicycles could cause a serious fall or crash injury.

The problem

Bicycles are affected only if they have disc brakes and front-wheel quick releases.

Front-wheel quick-release cam levers that are improperly adjusted or left open during riding and do not meet the pencil test may interfere with the front disc brake rotor. This could cause a serious fall or crash injury.


The bicycle models below are affected:

2003: AC id-1, Iguana Disc, Rainier, Warp DS 1, XTC NRS 3
2004: Iguana Disc, VT 3, XTC 3
2005: AC, Iguana, Reign 3, STP 1, Trance 3, XTC 2, XTC 3, XTC 2 LE
2006: XTC 3
2007: XTC 2
2008: Trance 2
2010: Boulder, Boulder W, Strata, Strata W, Tran Send 1
2011: Boulder 1, Boulder 1 W, Talon 3, Talon 3 W
2012: Boulder 1, Boulder 1 W, Talon 2, Talon 2 W

What to do

Check the distance between the disc and cam lever using the pencil test.

If the distance between the leading edge of the cam lever in its most open position and the disc rotor is less than 6mm (width of pencil) your quick-release mechanism needs to be replaced.

Bikes can be taken free of charge into a Giant dealer for a replacement of the affected quick release.

For more information, contact Giant Bicycles.

Information provided by Product Recalls — part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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