Recall: Blitzem Wasp Killer

Aerosol could burst and shoot upwards if it gets rusty.

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The problem

The Blitzem Wasp Killer and Nest Destroyer aerosol is being recalled because rust and corrosion may affect the bottom of the can. It could cause the can to burst and shoot upwards if stored upright.


Only cans with batch number 448A DOM261114 are affected. The batch number appears under the lid on the top dome of the can. The aerosols were sold from November 2014 at Mitre 10, Hammer Hardware, Pak'nSave, New World, Farmlands, CRT, Placemakers and selected garden retailers, including Palmers, Kings and Oderings

What to do

  • Check the batch number by holding at arms length and removing the cap. If your can is affected:
    • Wearing gloves, safety/or sun glasses and long sleeves/coveralls, carefully take the can outdoors to a well-ventilated area.
    • Holding the can at arm’s length, gently turn it upside down, ensuring that the bottom of the can is always pointing away from any person.
    • With one hand holding the can upside down and with the nozzle pointing away from any person, use your other hand to discharge the gas for 30 seconds or until you can no longer hear a hissing sound.
    • Take a photo of the can ensuring that the batch number is visible.
    • Replace the cap and carefully dispose of the can by wrapping it in newspaper, placing it in a plastic bag and then into the household rubbish.
  • To arrange for a refund visit or call 0800 693 297 (and select option 2). To make your application valid, ensure you complete all of your details and attach a photo of the product with the batch number visible.

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