Recall: Buzzy Bee pull-along toys

Between 3000-4000 of the iconic toys are being recalled.

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The problem

Between 3000 and 4000 of the iconic pull-along toys are being recalled because the back wheel can come loose and pose a choking risk.

Buzzy Bee brand owner Lion Rock Ventures was told by a customer in late 2015 of a wheel coming loose. The manufacturer had made an "unadvised" change to the way it inserts the wheel.


Check the underside of the Buzzy Bee for its batch numbers. Batches affected by the recall are 0615, 0715, 1015 and 1215.

What to do

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  • Don't let young children play with the toy if it is from one of the affected batches.
  • Replacement products are being manufactured and are expected to be available in late May.
  • Register your details with Brand Protocole, the licensee, at or on 0800BUZZEE. You will be contacted when a replacement is available.

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