Recall: Two brands of butane stoves

A defect could cause a gas leak or fire.

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The problem

Supercheap Auto has recalled its Campmaster and Wildcountry dual burner butane stoves. Certain components such as the O-rings and control knobs can fail, which could cause a gas leak or fire.

16may campmaster wildcountry dual burner butane stoves

The affected models and their identifiers are:


  • Model numbers CM2220RW and CM2220
  • Serial numbers AH1507240001 to AH1507242200


  • Model numbers WC2220RW and WC2220
  • Serial numbers AH1508150001 to AH1508152200

What to do

Stop using your stove immediately. Return it to the store for a full refund.

For further information, contact Supercheap Auto on 0800 744 566 or email

Recall: Campmaster & Wildcountry butane stoves collection

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