Recall: Cannondale 2010-2012 bicycles

Cracks may cause the axle to separate from the fork leg.

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The problem

Cannondale has recalled some of its 2010-2012 Bad Boy and Bad Girl bicycles. Some bicycles have developed cracks where the axle meets the fork leg. This can result in the axle separating from the fork leg which could cause an accident.


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2010-2012 Bad Boy and Bad Girl bicycles with the following date codes are affected:

  • P (2010)
  • Q (2011)
  • R (not RA) (2012)
  • RK24 and above

What to do

Do not ride your bicycle until the fork is inspected and/or replaced. Contact your Cannondale dealer to have your bike inspected.

Check if your bicycle is affected by the recall by looking at the date code on the bottom of the fork leg.

For more information, contact the New Zealand Cannondale supplier W H Worrall & Co Ltd on 09 636 0641.

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