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Recall: Coconut drinks & powder


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The problem

Twelve imported coconut drinks and powders contain milk products but it’s not declared on the labels. People with a milk allergy or intolerance should not consume these products.


The following products are affected:

  • Orthodox Coconut Palm brand Coconut Palm Coconut Juice, 245ml can, 245ml Tetra Pak or 1000ml Tetra Pak
  • Greentime brand Coconut Drink, 500ml can
  • Coco Joy brand Pure Coconut Milk Drink (Banana, Chocolate and Coffee flavours), 500ml bottle
  • V Fresh brand Coconut Milk Drink, 240ml can
  • Yeniu brand Coconut Juice, 1.25kg bottle
  • Emma brand Instant Coconut milk powder, 50g plastic foil single-serve pack and 1kg plastic foil bulk packet
  • Wahaha brand Coconut Juice, 245g can
  • Sasaya brand Coconut Drink, 335ml can
  • Ayers Rock Instant Coconut Milk Powder, 300g cardboard box and 1 kg foil bag
  • Vitasoy brand Coconut Soy Drink, 250ml Tetra Pak or 6 x 250ml Tetra Paks
  • FOCO brand Roasted Coconut Juice, 350ml can
  • Thai Coco brand Coconut Juice with Pulp, 520ml can

All batches of these products are affected. They were sold throughout New Zealand in dairies, ethnic food stores and specialist sports stores.

What to do

People with a milk allergy or intolerance should not consume these products.

Please call MPI’s consumer helpline on 0800 693 721 with any questions or concerns. If you have any health concerns please seek medical advice from your GP or call Healthline on 0800 611 116.