Recall: Blades in Cuisinart food processors

The riveted blades can crack and could break off.

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The problem
17jan cuisinart food processors with riveted blades

Cuisinart has recalled the riveted blades in some of its food processors. The riveted blades can crack over time and small metal pieces of the blade can break off during use. This could cause pieces of the blade to be present in your processed food which could cut you.

17jan cuisinart food processors with riveted blades2

The following food processor models are affected:

  • DLC-2011BCNA
  • DLC-2011NA
  • DLC-2014BCNA
  • DLC-2014NA
  • DFP-14BCNA
  • MP-14NA

What to do

Check your food processor’s blade to see if there are rivets. Blades without rivets are not affected by the recall.

If your blade has rivets, check the model number of your food processor, found on the bottom of the food processor. If the model number matches one of the affected models, stop using the food processor immediately. Contact Cuisinart for a free replacement blade.

For more information, contact Cusinart on 0800 435 000 or email

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