Recall: D28 and X8 Jump-Starter Power Station

The battery could overheat and cause a fire.

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The problem

D28 and X8 Jump-Starter Power Stations have been recalled. The battery may overheat and cause a fire if it is not immediately disconnected from the vehicle after jump starting.


D28 and X8 models of Jump-Starter Power Station 27-325 are affected. The model number can be found on the side of the product.

They were sold in various automotive retailers from May 2014 to November 2016.

What to do
17jul d28 x8 jump starter power station

You can return the product and jump start lead to the place of purchase or contact Pan Pacific. It is strongly advised you review the instructions supplied with the product (and outlined below) before using the jump starter.

The instructions state:

Step One: Connect smart cable clamps to car battery, red clamp to +, black clamp to -.
Step Two: Insert cable end to jump starter port.
Step Three: Press smart cable button for 1 second. (Note: Smart cable button must be turned on for jump starter to operate correctly)
Step Four: Start car.
Step Five: Immediately remove jump starter from car battery

For more information, contact Pan Pacific Auto Electronics Ltd on 0800 429 256 or email

Information provided by Product Recalls — part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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