Recall: Gazco flued fireboxes

Affected fireboxes could release carbon monoxide which can poison you.

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The problem

Some conventionally flued Gazco fireboxes have been recalled. The baffle may move because aluminium rivets were used instead of steel. If the baffle moves, your firebox may release carbon monoxide which can cause poisoning.


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The issue only affects conventionally flued fireboxes of the models below, sold from July 2013:

  • Logic HE
  • E-Studio
  • E-Box

They can be identified by the following numbers:

  • 101-037NZ10000 – 101-037NZ10014
  • 101-444NZ10000 – 101-444NZ10009
  • 8691MCUCNZ40047 – 8691MCUCNZ40135
  • P8691MCUCNZ30017 – P8691MCUCNZ30027

What to do

Do not use your firebox until a product safety enhancement kit has been fitted.

If you have not heard from Gazco, or for more information, visit Gazco's website or email the NZ distributor The Fireplace Limited:

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