Recall: Goldair Bathroom Heaters

A specific batch of the GBH400 heaters could cause a fire.

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The problem

Goldair has recalled a specific batch of its GBH400 Bathroom Heaters as they could cause a fire.

16jun goldair gbh400 bathroom heater label placement

Affected heaters were sold at Goldair stockists nationwide between July 2007 and July 2012.

The heaters are marked with Model No. GBH400 and G328 on the rating label.

If the label has RW0810 marked on it, it is not included in this recall.

What to do

16jun goldair gbh400 bathroom heater label

Stop using your heater. Check the rating label on the left-hand side of the heater to see if it is affected.

If your heater is affected, ring Goldair to register for a free replacement. Goldair will send you a recall pack including a FreePost courier bag. The removal and installation of the heaters is at your cost.

Use a licensed electrician to remove the heater. Then cut off the power cord and return it along with the rating label sticker to Goldair using the courier bag provided. The heater should then be destroyed and must not be reused or resold.

When Goldair receive the heater, it will send you a new bathroom heater model.

For more information, contact Goldair on 0800 232 633, or email

Information provided by Product Recalls — part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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