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Recall: Hair dryers from Kmart


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The problem

Kmart is recalling three Beautycare Co. hair dryers because the cord can crack and expose live parts. This poses risk of burn and electric shock.


The affected products are:

  • Beautycare Co. 2000W Hair Dryer (black)
    Model HD9901, keycode 41940877
  • Beautycare Co. 2000W Pro Hair Dryer (black)
    Model PH5304, keycode 41940860
  • Beautycare Co. 1800W Hair Dryer (white)
    Model HD9902, keycode 41938287

They were sold at Kmart between January 2015 and February 2016.

What to do

Immediately stop using your hair dryer and unplug it. Return it to any Kmart store for a full refund.

Please contact Kmart on 0800 945 995 with any questions.