Recall: LeaderBrand bagged salads

Dozens of different products taken off shelves.

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The problem

LeaderBrand Produce has recalled all its salad products after listeria was found in its LeaderBrand Caesar Salad yesterday. Brands include LeaderBrand, Fresh Plus, Pam's, Value Bag and 100%, which are sold at major supermarkets. All salad products distributed to Pita Pit and Subway outlets have also been recalled.


Here's the full list of the products recalled:

  • 100% Fresh Value Pack Mesclun (250g)
  • 100% Fresh Heat & Eat Stirfry with Sweet Soy Sauce (900g)
  • 100% Fresh Value Pack Baby Spinach (250g)
  • 100% Fresh Value Pack Salad Mix (250g)
  • Fresh Plus Herb Slaw (475g)
  • Fresh Plus Japanese Slaw (475g)
  • Fresh Plus Super Slaw (475g)
  • Fresh Plus Baby Rocket Baby Salad Greens (100g)
  • Fresh Plus Gourmet Fancy Baby Salad Greens (120g)
  • Fresh Plus Spinach & Kale Baby Salad Greens (120g)
  • Fresh Plus Mesclun with Herb Baby Salad Greens (130g)
  • Leaderbrand Baby Spinach (120g)
  • Leaderbrand Super Healthy Broccoslaw (450g)
  • Leaderbrand Fresco Caesar (250g)
  • Leaderbrand Fresh & Chunky Heat & Eat Stirfry (500g)
  • Leaderbrand Crunchy Coleslaw (450g)
  • Leaderbrand Fancy Leaf Continental (180g)
  • Leaderbrand Fresh'n Crispy (300g)
  • Leaderbrand Super Kale (100g)
  • Leaderbrand Tender Mesclun (150g)
  • Leaderbrand Farm Fresh Ranchslaw (450g)
  • Leaderbrand Shredded Carrot (250g) - typically supplied to Pita Pit and Subway outlets throughout New Zealand
  • Leaderbrand Shredded Iceberg lettuce (1kg) - typically supplied to Pita Pit and Subway outlets throughout New Zealand
  • Pam's Fresh Express Mesclun Salad (500g)
  • Pam's Fresh Express Coleslaw (450g)
  • Pam's Fresh Express Farmhouse Slaw (450g)
  • Pam's Fresh Express Herbslaw (450g)
  • Pam's Fresh Express Italian Salad (250g)
  • Pam's Fresh Express Crispy Salad (250g)
  • Value Baby Leaf Lettuce (100g)
  • Value Baby Leaf Spinach (120g)
  • Value Salad Greens (120g)
  • Value Bag Crispy Salad (300g)
  • Value Bag Mesclun Salad (150g)

What to do

Don't eat any of the bags of salad with a Best Before date up to and including 19 March 2017. Listeria can be harmful to young children, older people, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems.

You can return the salad to the supermarket for a refund.

People concerned about their health or the health of others should call their GP. For health information and advice from a registered nurse, people can call Healthline on 0800 611 116 (free, available 24/7).

For more information contact LeaderBrand on 0800 859 859.

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