Recall: Medela breast pump wall plug

The plug could split and shock you.

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The problem

Fisher & Paykel has recalled its detachable wall plugs for AC power adapters supplied with some Medela breast pumps. A version of the wall plug could split and expose a live wire which could shock you.


The affected wall plugs can be identified by the product numbers 099.0273 and 099.0018. They were supplied with the following Medela breast pump models:

  • Swing™
  • Swing Maxi™
  • Freestyle™

The wall plugs have been supplied with the breast pump models since 2009. They have also been sold as stand-alone AC power adapters.

What to do

Check if you have an affected wall plug by comparing it with the pictures below.

16sep medela breast pump ac adapter

There are three types of detachable wall plug but only the one on the right of the photos is affected.

If your detachable wall plug has markings or a white dot on the back of it then it is NOT affected.

Stop using any affected detachable wall plugs immediately.

If the wall plug splits while inserted into a wall outlet, do not try to remove it until power to that outlet has been switched off.

Contact Fisher and Paykel Ltd on 0800 633352 or email to arrange for collection and replacement of the wall plug.

NOTE: Your breast pump and the AC power adapter component is not affected by this recall and does not need to be returned.

To report an adverse event relating to this product, contact the Ministry of Health:

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