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Recall: Moda Electric Hot Pack


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The problem

A component failure may make the hot packs unsafe when plugged in for pre-heating. If the defect occurs, there is a potential risk of electric shock or fire.


Moda Electric Hot Pack (adult), Barcode 9415886886623, Model # TYD-002B.

Moda Electric Hot Pack Kids (Panda & Frog designs), Barcode 9415886886678, Model #BL-001.

See label on the inner bladder or base of the charger for model number.

The product was supplied by Urban Leisure Limited and sold exclusively at The Warehouse stores nationwide between March 2014 and July 16 2014.

What to do

  • Stop using your Moda Electric Hot Pack and return it to any The Warehouse store for a full refund, with or without a receipt.

Contact The Warehouse for more information.

Phone: 0800 422 274




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