Recall: Moldex respirator

Part in mask could become brittle and allow contaminant in.

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The problem

Moldex P2 Particulate Filter Respirators are being recalled because the diaphragm inside the exhalation valve can become rigid or brittle after 5 years of storage. This could allow contaminant to enter the mask when the user inhales.

Moldex is reducing the expiry date on affected models in the market and those manufactured from 8 April 2015 to 4 years of maximum shelf life.


The affected model numbers are: 2300 P2, 2300VA P2, 2301 P2, 2307 P2, 2310 P2, 2315 P2, 2350 P2, 2361 P2, 2367 P2, 2400 P2, 2500 P2, 2700AN P2, 2700 P2, 2700VA P2, 2701 P2, 2800 P2, 2800 P2V, 2801 P2, 2840 P2, 2850 P2, 2940 P2, EZ 23 P2, EZ 23S P2, M2700 P2, M2800 P2.

The affected respirators were manufactured between 8 April 2012 and 8 April 2015. They were sold nationally by safety supply companies.

What to do

Recall respirator
  • Stop using masks that are more than four years from date of manufacture.
  • Contact your seller or Moldex Customer Support for a replacement of product that will not be used before 4 years from the manufacturing date. Call 027 243 244, email or visit
  • Products that will be used within 4 years from the date of manufacture are safe to use. The expiration date on these products should be remarked to be four years from date of manufacture.

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