Recall: Neopuzzle construction toy

The magnets can come loose and could be swallowed by young children.

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The problem

Some Neopuzzle toys have been recalled because the magnets may come loose if the plastic welds fail. Loose magnets may be swallowed by children and can cause serious internal injury.


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The Neopuzzle toys are a children’s construction toy consisting of plastic shapes with magnets welded between two halves.

The following Neopuzzle sets are affected:

  • 474110
  • 474123
  • 474134
  • 474147
  • 474152

What to do

All affected owners have been contacted, advised to stop using their Neopuzzle sets and offered a replacement.

Other models sold by Teacher Direct are not affected by this recall.

For more information, contact the supplier Regalflow Pty Ltd by emailing

Information provided by Product Recalls — part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

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