Recall: 3 models of Parmco gas hobs

Gas could escape and cause a fire or explosion.

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The problem

Three models of Parmco gas hobs have been recalled because the ball bearing stop in the Wok burner base may dislodge, allowing gas to escape internally. This could cause a fire or explosion.


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The following models are affected:

  • Model HO-6-6S-3GW, serial numbers 3097-200-1408-0001 to 3097-200-150801-0075, purchased from 21 Nov 2014.
  • Model HO-6-77S-4GW, serial numbers 3098-200-1412-0001 to 3098-200-1508-0050, purchased from 01 Apr 2015.
  • Model HO-6-9S-4GW, serial numbers 3099-200-1409-0001 to 3099-200-150801-0050, purchased from 02 Dec 2014.

The serial number label can be found on the underside of the hob or in the user manual.

What to do

If the Wok burner does not light or operate normally, stop using it immediately and do not use it again. All other gas burners are still safe to operate.

If you have a unit with an affected serial number or have purchased one of the above models from the specified date, contact Parmco on 0800 727 626 or Parmco will send a service technician to fix the defect for free.

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